Sameeksha Capital Equity PMS

Multicap portfolio of companies with large opportunities to deliver growth

Key Attributes

Inception Date: 01-Apr-2016

Number of Stocks :15-25

Fund Manager Name: – Mr. Bhavin Shah

Fund Manager Experience: Mr. Bhavin Shah is one of the most awarded (unprecedented streak of a decade of number One Rankings by the Global Institutional Investors) professionals in the industry. In his career spanning over twenty years, Bhavin has played leadership roles in building from scratch three top ranked Institutional Equity franchises: Global (JP Morgan), Asian (Credit Suisse) and Indian (Equirus). Bhavin set up Sameeksha Capital to manage his personal savings in an institutional setup and hence enable others to benefit from his expertise. As such, he is Sameeksha’s first client, and under his leadership, Sameeksha PMS has delivered superior performance since inception. Bhavin has appeared on business TV channels and Magazines across the globe to present his views on equities.

Fund Manager Qualification: He holds an MBA degree with Beta Gamma Sigma honours from the top ranked University of Chicago Booth school of Business and a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of California. Bhavin jointly holds two US patents for Microprocessor Design.

Investment Philosophy

The fund focus on process driven investing and have developed proprietary analytical models and methods which we follow rigorously to identify companies with superior risk-reward characteristics. A comprehensive set of rules guide us in our investment process and arguably reduce individual biases and mistakes.
It pursues an absolute return strategy and invest in equities with a long term (three year plus) horizon but do not restrict ourselves to any specific holding period.

Portfolio Strategy

  1. Provide superior long term returns while protecting against permanent loss of capital using Long biased strategy. Firstly, Invest in long-term growth opportunities in Indian companies across market capitalization (with greater emphasis on mid and small cap companies that are not fully discovered) that have superior business model, sufficiently large market opportunity to deliver growth, strong and shareholder focused management and are available at price that would result in sufficiently attractive risk adjusted returns over a horizon of at least two years. Secondly, Have an option of investing in Index Futures in order to partially hedge the portfolio. Thirdly, Manage market exposure by modulating cash position in the portfolio depending on the opportunity set and attractiveness of investment ideas and through the use of index futures and options
  2. Follow rigorous fundamental research-driven and rule based investment process that is disciplined and yet leaves enough room for creativity and ingenuity; Investment process entails interactions with the companies through common as well as uncommon means, detailed financial model on the company as well as the industry to properly size up the growth opportunity, completion of a detailed check-list and review of investment argument by the entire research team
  3. Unlike many peers, Sameeksha does not follow model portfolio approach as it nullifies the key advantage offered by PMS rules. For any new investor, we invest in companies from our existing portfolio only if it merits fresh investment in a given company at prevailing market price.
  4. Focus on long-term return and hence may experience short term volatility, but will use its research capability to minimize the permanent loss of capital and will adhere to established risk guidelines

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