What to expect from Sundaram Emerging Leading Fund (S.E.L.F) PMS?

• Investments backed by strong research with a track record of ~12 years across our key flagship strategies – SISOP, S.E.L.F., Voyager.
• Disciplined stock picking approach using our 3Q filters – Quality of Business, Quality of Management and Quality of Financials.

Significant exposure to mid and small caps resulting in a higher risk-reward. The portfolio has outperformed the benchmark ~99% of the times on a 5Y rolling basis. The performance of the portfolio in the down markets is sufficiently captured by the down capture of 67.0. Over the last 12 years, Sundaram Alternates’ S.E.L.F. has remained resilient across multiple market cycles by sticking to our core investment thesis.

Who should invest in Sundaram Emerging Leading Fund (S.E.L.F) PMS?

Suitable for investors with an investment horizon > 3 years.

Investors seeking returns through investments predominantly in small and midcap stocks and are comfortable with short-term volatility. The portfolio has a higher risk reward due to the inherent nature of the investments. Investors should remain invested for longer time periods and avoid short-term noise to reap the benefits from the portfolio.