Year 2020 presents rare opportunity and must be used to invest in EQUITY

In this edition, we’ve kept EQUITY as a Core Theme, as we believe it presents a very good opportunity for wealth creation in the next 10 years.

Yes, we are in unprecedented times, but, if your horizon is the next 10 years, 2020 is a good year to gradually build an equity portfolio. COVID has led to the spread of a lot of fears, most of it was well needed, and one must be extra cautious in taking all necessary measures to keep oneself healthy & immune. At the same time, from the equity investment perspective, we see the year 2020 more from the perspective of Opportunity rather than fear. Our stance is to be Cautiously Optimistic.

We suggest investors explore multi-cap portfolios with a large-cap bias. We do not suggest investing in sectoral, thematic portfolios, or pure large-cap portfolios through PMS or AIF. For investors with a clear horizon of more than 5 years, mid-cap & small-cap focused portfolios also present a good opportunity, as here valuations are not high.

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