Invasset’s journey in Portfolio Management Services, spanning over three decades, is marked by a deep commitment to expertise and client-centric values. Recognized as India’s Best PMS in 2023, Invasset achieved a notable 96% return for the year and a 40%+ four-year CAGR, embodying an ethos of humility and dedication to client success.

The investment philosophy at Invasset was significantly shaped during the 2007 Indian bull market, with further refinement following the 2008 financial crisis. This period was crucial in developing a nuanced understanding of market dynamics, emphasizing the importance of learning from market cycles and economic events.

Relocating to Mumbai, a financial hub, allowed for an immersion in a rich pool of market expertise, facilitating a deeper understanding of predictive market trends, the importance of eliminating investment bias, and the necessity of alpha preservation. These experiences laid the groundwork for the development of the INVasset Advanced Algorithm for Investment Decisions (AAID), a sophisticated tool analyzing data from 1800 companies across over 170
parameters, guiding investment decisions through various market conditions.

Invasset’s strategic framework is built around four investment quadrants: Value, Growth, Quality, and Pension Fund Investing. These quadrants guide our approach, allowing for adaptable strategies suited to different market conditions. The ‘Two-Run Theory,’ distinguishing between ‘old economy runs’ and ‘new economy runs,’ further refines our asset allocation and risk management, aligning strategies with economic trends.

Reflecting on recent market dynamics, the importance of forward-looking market analysis, bias elimination, and
alpha preservation has been reinforced. Our strategies adapted to significant economic events, such as India’s GST implementation and the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating the value of anticipatory market positioning. The evolving global and domestic economic landscape, including shifts towards old economy sectors amidst global trade tensions and national initiatives, underscored the perils of investment biases, affirming our commitment to adaptability and balanced investment perspectives.

The emphasis on alpha preservation, particularly during volatile market phases, has been integral to our approach, balancing opportunity-seeking with risk mitigation to protect and grow our clients’ investments.

In conclusion, Invasset’s evolution from a nascent investment endeavor to a distinguished entity in portfolio management is a narrative of persistent growth, strategic innovation, and a profound commitment to serving our clients’ interests. Our investment philosophy, underpinned by the AAID and a comprehensive strategic framework, reflects a deep-seated belief in our methodologies, shaped by decades of market experience and a dedication to
continuous learning and adaptation. At Invasset, we view each market challenge as an opportunity to further refine our strategies, crafting success stories for our clients and continually setting new standards in the financial industry.