Valcreate IME Concentrated Microtrends

Key Portfolio Attributes

Inception Date: 20 Feb 2023

Number of Stocks: 22

Portfolio Manager's Name: Ashi Anand

Portfolio Manager's Experience:

20+ years of experience

Investment Objective

The investment objective is to invest in companies that are direct beneficiaries of micro-trends (strong value creation trends within an economy) that can sustain high growth levels with strong competitive moats at a reasonable valuations.

Investment Strategy

IME Concentrated Microtrends is large and mid cap focussed concentrated strategy of 20-30 holdings. The strategy aims to identify and take concentrated exposure to strong value generating microtrends through high quality companies at the right price striking a balance between growth, quality, and valuations.

Investment Philosophy

Valcreate’s GQV investment framework (Growth, Quality and Value) drives investment decision making. They seek to invest in high-quality businesses with competitive moats and sustainable medium-to-long term growth potential at reasonable valuations. The philosophy is to strike a balance between growth and quality to buy at the right price, and avoid over paying for growth or quality.

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Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions

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