TCG SMF Disruption Fund

The Value of Time

Key Attributes

Inception Date: 31 Dec 2015

Number of Stocks: 30-40

Fund Manager Name: Mr. Chakri Lokapriya

Fund Manager Experience: 22 years managing BRIC, Global Funds at J.P Morgan, New York; BNP Paribas, London; Franklin Templeton, India

Fund Manager Qualification: New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, MBA Finance, New York, 1994, Registered Investment Qualifications: Investment Management License, CF30, CF27, FSA, U.K.

Investment Objective

SMF is a disruption fund and invests in companies making and using new age materials such as composites, disrupting traditional ones such as metals, and forestry goods. Technical advances are making it possible to make items from baby diapers to aircraft engine parts with innovative materials. Human aspiration for being stronger, lighter, faster, and environment friendly is driving these product advances. SMF is new to India vs. China 4.5x larger vs. USA 11x larger, and is expected to grow manifold in India. The fund aims to profit by investing in these growth companies.

Portfolio Strategy

SMF Disruption Fund

Investment Philosophy

Fund invests majority in innovative companies, plus enabling sectors across capitalization through secondary and primary offerings. SMF Disruption fund aims for absolute returns over a 2-3-year investment horizon. The risk of investing, includes capital loss, however diversification across sectors lowers the risk to deliver risk adjusted returns.

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