Roha Asset Managers- Emerging Champions Portfolio

Key Portfolio Attributes

Mr. Dhiraj Sachdev

Inception Date: 30th September 2020

Portfolio Manager’s Name: Mr. Dhiraj Sachdeva

Portfolio Manager’s Experience: Prior equity fund management experience includes ASK Investments and HDFC Bank. Delivered long term performance of 29% CAGR for 6 years for HSBC Mid & Small Cap Fund.

Portfolio Manager’s Qualification: Qualified CA from ICAI and a Cost & Management Accountant (CMA) from CMA Institute along with a Diploma in Foreign Trade Management (DEM) from Mumbai University.

Investment Objective

The portfolio seeks to create wealth over the long term by investing in the equity of sustainable growth businesses. The focus is on the superior quality of business in terms of cash flow capability, capital efficiency, enduring competitive advantage entry barriers and its ability to scale up to get the real benefit of the power of compounding.

Investment Strategy

• Focus on select small and mid-cap companies to generate alpha or superior returns.

• Emphasis will be stock specific based on management capability, business quality like size of opportunity, capital efficiency scalability etc. besides attractiveness of valuations.

• The aim is to get the real benefit of early mover advantage and power of compounding.

Performance Table #

Trailing Returns (%) 1m return 3m return 6m return 1y return 2y return 3y return 5y return 10y return Since inception return

QRC Report Card *


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What to expect from Roha Emerging Champions Portfolio PMS?

  • Roha Emerging Champions Portfolio as an investment opportunity  that seeks to invest in an Emerging Champion company, predominantly in  small or midcaps listed equities. Focus will be on investing in a company that shows great character of business with sustainable growth potential, capital efficiency and cash flows and can eventually become a large company of tomorrow.Our investment strategy is to stay put and ride the storm of volatility, if any. Holding equity of sustainable business of quality companies that are benefiting due to shift from unorganised to organised sector, digital wave, import substitution, local manufacturing and green energy making sense for long-term investing.

Who should invest in Roha Emerging Champions Portfolio PMS?

Roha Emerging Champions Portfolio invests into listed equities; investors who can associate themselves with the risk and reward related to equity should invest in this product. Equity should be viewed from a long term perspective, we suggest investors with a medium to long-term investment horizon and also assuming risk associated with it should invest into this product.

Which is the best company through which an investor can invest in Roha Asset Managers- Emerging Champions Portfolio?

We recommend PMS AIF WORLD, because, it is one unique platform that offers real knowledge driven investing with their highly meaningful data, reports, and content that is written very well. PMS AIF World is a team of highly articulate, educated, and experienced people.


#Returns as of 30 June 2024. Returns up to 1 Year are absolute, above 1 Year are CAGR.

*QRC Report Card data is updated quarterly. Current data is as of Mar 24.

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