Negen Undiscovered Value Fund – Category III AIF

Key Portfolio Attributes

Fund Category: Category III AIF

Sub-Category: Long Only

Structure: Open Ended

Fund Manager’s Name: Mr. Neil Bahal

Fund Manager’s Experience: 25 years

Investment Objective

Negen Undiscovered Value Fund represents the inaugural AIF scheme introduced by Negen Investment Trust, duly registered with SEBI as a Category III Alternative Investment Fund (AIF).

The investment objective of Negen Undiscovered Value Fund CAT III AIF revolves around the identification of undervalued investment prospects, pinpointing catalysts like corporate actions, enduring industry shifts, or regulatory reforms. Through this approach, Negen endeavors to yield compelling risk-adjusted returns spanning various market segments, including Special Situation Investments, Pre-IPOs, and Anchor book investments.

Investment Philosophy:

The investment philosophy of Negen Undiscovered Value Fund CAT III AIF is based on 3 core principles:

  1. Uncovering Undervalued Assets:
    Negen Undiscovered Value Fund diligently seeks out undervalued assets across various market segments, encompassing Special Situations, Pre-IPOs, and Anchor book investments.
  1. Catalyst-Driven Approach:
    The fund adopts a catalyst-driven investment strategy, targeting opportunities that exhibit identifiable catalysts. These catalysts may include corporate actions, enduring industry trends, regulatory alterations, or proactive management initiatives.
  1. Risk Management:
    At the forefront of Negen’s investment philosophy is robust risk management. The fund emphasizes the protection of capital and the mitigation of downside risks. Investment decisions are informed by a disciplined methodology, comprehensive due diligence, and continuous monitoring of portfolio holdings.

These guiding principles underpin Negen’s pursuit of investment opportunities poised to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Investment Strategy

Negen Undiscovered Value Fund CAT III AIF is follow the below mentioned investment strategies:

  1. Special Situations Investments:
    Negen Undiscovered Value Fund proactively pursues investment opportunities within special situations, including management changes, spin-offs, distressed assets, turnaround prospects, and restructuring scenarios. These situations frequently present avenues for value creation, offering the potential for compelling risk-adjusted returns.
  1. Anchor Book Investments:
    The fund actively seeks participation in the anchor book segment of IPOs. Typically, the Anchor book or Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB) portion of an IPO sees lower subscription rates compared to the Non-Institutional Investor (NII) and Retail Individual Investor (RII) segments. This positioning grants Negen access to new issuances, potentially capitalizing on price appreciation post-listing on the stock exchange.
  1. Pre-IPOs:
    Negen is keenly interested in investing in SME-Pre IPOs, enabling investors to tap into the growth potential of companies before their public listing. By identifying promising firms at this pivotal growth juncture, the fund aims to capture the value appreciation that may transpire upon their IPOs.
  1. Other Investment Strategies:
    Additionally, the fund incorporates regular value investing strategies, targeting the acquisition of high-quality businesses trading below their perceived fair value. This approach complements Negen’s broader investment framework, diversifying opportunities for generating attractive returns.

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