Estee Enhanced Alpha Fund- Category III AIF

Key Portfolio Attributes

Fund Category: Category III AIF

Structure: Open Ended

Type: Equity Oriented

Fund Manager’s Name: Estee Advisors Pvt. Ltd. (EAPL)

Fund Manager’s Experience:

EAPL is a First Time Manager. EAPL is a quant-based investment management and execution and advisory services firm that was started in 2008 when SEBI permitted algorithmic trading in India. EAPL is a pioneer in building algorithmic investment products and has a strong track record as an asset manager and execution and advisory services provider in Indian capital markets. However, EAPL offers portfolio management services since 2009. Separately, the investment team and directors of EAPL have adequate experience in the financial services.

Investment Objective

The investment objective of Estee Enhanced Alpha Category III AIF shall be to carry out the investment activities as permissible for a Category III AIF under the AIF Regulations and to maximize risk-adjusted returns with significant allocations into a Long Only Portfolio and into Market-Neutral Portfolio which aim to deliver returns uncorrelated to the market.

Investment Objective

The investment philosophy of the Carnelian Asset Advisors Structural Shift Cat III AIF Fund is that the fund is a mix of manufacturing and IT.

Depending upon the valuation and other investment matrix at the time of investment, approx. 2/3rd of the fund allocation shall go to manufacturing, whereas 1/3rd shall be invested IT and related stocks.

Carnelian Team select stocks based on their proprietary MCO framework, where MCO is:
M- Magic
C- Compounder
O – Opportunistic

Investment Strategy

The investment strategy of Estee Enhanced Alpha Category III AIF will be a mix of a “Long Only Portfolio” and Market Neutral Portfolio. The Long Only Portfolio will focus on improved outperformance over Indian benchmark index while Market Neutral Portfolio will focus on generating an absolute return regardless of the direction of the market so as to protect the investors in any market scenario.

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