Asit C Mehta – ACE Regular Income – PMS

Key Portfolio Attributes

Inception Date: 4 Oct 2018

Number of Stocks: 45

Portfolio Manager’s Name: Deepak Makwana

Portfolio Manager’s Experience: 20 years

Portfolio Manager’s Qualification: Post Graduate- Finance

Investment Objective

The investment objective of Asit C Mehta’s ACE Regular Income PMS is to balance risk and return by investing in equity shares, fixed-income securities, and ETFs of global securities. The scheme also provides for risk-adjusted regular income every month. Equity investments will be made in quality equity shares of companies with higher dividend yields listed on Indian stock exchanges across large, mid, and small-cap markets.

Investment Strategy

The investment strategy of Asit C Mehta’s ACE Regular Income PMS includes Investment AnalyticsPortfolio Synthetics, and an Investment Framework that integrates the two. Investment Analytics focuses on developing analytical toolkits that can be used to understand the known information best. Portfolio Synthetics should be aimed at helping the portfolio survive and thrive in the always uncertain future. The future has some knowns, many unknowns, and even more unknowable. A robust portfolio synthetics thought process understands that the portfolio should be designed to survive those unfavourable unknowns and thrive on the favourable unknowns.

Investment Philosophy

The investment philosophy of Asit C Mehta’s ACE Regular Income PMS is to provide a better risk-reward ratio to our investors, recognizing that equity inherently carries high risk. Once all of the ways one can lose capital permanently are understood, and the ways of guarding against them are developed, one can freely concentrate on enhancing returns and generating alpha without worrying about high risks, i.e., chances of losing capital permanently. Of course, the philosophy recognizes that any approach can only reduce the probability of permanent capital loss but cannot make it impossible.

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Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions

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