AMBIT Emerging Giants PMS

Key Attributes

Inception Date: 01 December 2017

Fund Manager Name: Aishvarya Dadheech

Fund Manager Experience: Total Exp – 12 Years With Ambit – 2 Years

Fund Manager Qualification: CFA charterholder, Chartered Accountant and MBA Finance.

Investment Objective

Smallcaps are largely undiscovered with low analyst coverage and lower liquidity resulting in valuation disconnect with fundamentals. Thus, the objective of the fund is investing in the highly rewarding yet challenging world of small caps through their good & clean framework.

Portfolio Strategy

Ambit’s Emerging Giants portfolio aims to invest in small-cap companies with market-dominating franchises and a track record of clean accounting governance and capital allocation. The fund typically invests in companies with market caps less than Rs2,500cr. The stocks are screened through stringent quantitative filters and focus is on earnings growth + earnings quality.

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