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Rational Equity is a fresh, new boutique Category III AIF with a sector agnostic & flexicap approach, aiming to provide high returns to our investors. Rational Equity is starting with a Flagship Fund I with highly favourable terms for our investors as compared to other AIFs. Rational Equity has high skin in the game – in our flagship fund >50% of the total contribution will be from the investment manager

Rational Equity believes in being your true investment partners, not investment managers that thrive on charges. Rational Equity has very high skin in the game as a majority of investment teams’ net worth tied in the same stocks. Rational Equity enables maximum compounding as they charge a fee only at the end of Term or when the investor exits – this allows investors’ investment to compound consistently without fee or taxes. Rational Equity makes money only when the investor does – Rational Equity is charges no fixed fee and only takes a share of profits made. Rational Equity provides shackle-free investing – Rational Equity allows once a year redemption window when investors can choose to exit. Rational Equity imposes no penalties for early exit and has 0 entry or exit load

Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions


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