Portfolio Type: Mid Cap biased portfolio of companies with rising relative growth and valuation

Inception Date: 27 March 2012

Number of Stocks: 25

Fund Manager Name: Shailendra Kumar

Fund Manager Experience: Total Exp – 20 Years
Co-Founded Narnolia

Fund Manager Qualification: Holds Post-Graduate Degree from IIT, Delhi.

Investment Objective: The Key investment objective is to outperform S&P BSE 500. It is primarily done by managing the beta of the portfolio while adding alpha opportunistically based on a rigorous bottom up proprietary model.

Investment Strategy:

Follows a proprietary Multi-Cap fundamental & Quantitative model that processes multiple years of P/L, BS and cash flow data of companies resulting in portfolio of India Story based Growth and Midcap biased stocks.

It identifies investments within a M (Momentum of earnings), C (Capital allocation strategy), Q (Qualitative Financial ratios) framework which looks at rising momentum in the fundamentals (not necessarily price)