Vikas Kwatra

If the Webinars can be arranged on weekends rather than on weekdays than it will be more beneficial.  


Some very good sessions. Keep up the good work. Some times some technological challenges during webinars. Very consistent series and worth my time in 75% of the sessions. Good website with lots of information. Well

Gopal Krishnan

Your webinars ave very informative and the inputs of your speakers valuable well resek

Ramesh Varadharajan

Please provide solutions , look at the customer overall portfolio and suggest products that meets their current and future needs.

VK Sood

You may cosider expanding to more geographesies.


Thanks for your hard work to put this platform and Its helps lot

Rajesh Rajani

Keep doing good work. Need to improve coverage on AIF products too.

Harirharan R

Approachable /Unbaised advice and provider of good content to take informed decision

Amit Khanna

It would help if at the start of a webinar you mention the Returns given by a fundmanager 1 yr/5yr etc to enable better evaluation.

Nipun raj

The webinars you bring on the table are simply power packed. Sankalpo does an excellent job by steering the webinar so well every damn time.

Jayakumar Gopalan

Keep it going, Excellent webinar sessions, very useful & informative.

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