Portfolio Type: Large Cap bised Multicap Portfolio

Inception Date: 24 Sep 2004

Number of Stocks: 20-22

Fund Manager Name: Varun Goel

Fund Manager Experience: Total Exp – 11 Years
With Reliance – 2 Years

Fund Manager Qualification: Mechanical Engineer from IIT Delhi and an MBA in Finance & Marketing from IIM Lucknow.

Investment Objective: Aim to generate relatively outsize returns, over a 3-5 years period, through a portfolio predominantly comprising of large-cap stocks and selective Quality larger midcap stocks.

Investment Strategy:

1) Around 2/3rd allocation to Large-cap stocks provides stability to the portfolio.

2) 1/3 allocation to Quality Midcaps, adds to the upside potential.

3) Bottom-up stock picking based on our unique quality framework, aims to identify those stocks which have a potential of delivering outsize returns.

4) Investments are made with a Buy & Hold view.

5) Benchmark agnostic diversified portfolio of 20-25 companies