JHP Securities- Incredible India PMS

Key Attributes

Inception Date: 21st July, 2016

Fund Manager Name: Mr. Ameet Parekh

Fund Manager Experience: 25+ years

Investment Objective

Incredible India is designed to be a diverse portfolio composition of solid small mid-sized and large companies with attractive long-term potential. This product is appropriate for judicious participant seeking quality returns albeit with a medium to high appetite for risk.

Portfolio Strategy

The portfolio manager will employ both the ‘value’ and ‘growth’ styles to stock selection. The indicative asset allocation at different movements could be equity (100% to 65%), and cash/liquid schemes of mutual funds/ETF (0% to 35%). The equity allocation would be spread across 7 to 25 ideas from the large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, and micro-cap universe.

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