Invesco India Large Cap Core Portfolio PMS

Key Attributes

Inception Date: 07th September, 2004

Number of Stocks: 15-25

Fund Manager Name: Mr. Sameer Narayan

Fund Manager Experience: 20+ years

Fund Manager Qualification: MMS from NMIMS, Mumbai. B.E. in Production Engineering

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the portfolio is to generate steady capital appreciation by investing in companies that are fundamentally strong and are available at attractive valuations.

Portfolio Strategy

Portfolio will aim to provide a fair balance between growth, safety and returns. The focus of this portfolio would be on identifying companies which exhibit above average earnings growth. It will follow a blend of growth and value style investing. The portfolio would employ bottom-up stock selection approach with a bias towards Large Cap stocks with an ability to take asset allocation calls based on market conditions and availability of suitable investments opportunities. The portfolio generally would comprise of 15 – 25 stocks, with sector allocation (at time of purchase) ranging between 25% – 200% of the sector weightage of defined benchmark Index.

  • Large Cap Portfolio of Established Businesses
  • Large Cap stocks and fundamentally stable companies available at attractive valuations
  • Exposure to companies which have competitive advantage
  • Blend of growth and value, Bottom-up approach to stock selection
  • Flexibility to move across sectors, deviations from benchmark index to generate alpha

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