What to expect from Sameeksha Capital’s Equity PMS?

Sameeksha capital was set up by our founder and fund manager, Bhavin Shah to manage his personal savings in an institutional setup. He directs all of his investments (which is more than 15% of the total AUM) in Indian equities through Sameeksha’s investment products and has no side pockets for investing in Indian equities reflecting significant alignment of interest b/w investors and fund managers. We’re sector agnostic bottom-up investors who follow rule based, process driven (140+ checklist), research heavy and technology backed approach. We invest in companies across market capitalization, have sustainable competitive advantage, are run by competent management and pass our stringent corporate governance checklist, among other things. We take active cash calls in market extremities since we’re flexible to increase cash position. This also coincides with our portfolio approach since we do not follow the model portfolio approach and have a buy-sell framework. This means that if new money comes in, we don’t just copy our current portfolio, we only enter if we’re comfortable at a particular price point. This in turn allows customization for each client portfolio.

Who should invest in this PMS?

We offer our services to institutional, family offices and high net worth investors. We count some very prominent and globally recognizable names as our valuable clients. We have grown primarily through word of mouth till date and predominantly from capital appreciation rather than fundraising. We always look forward to partnering with like-minded investors who understand our investment philosophy and would stay invested with us across extended time periods.  Clients investing with us across extended time periods have enjoyed meaningful alpha irrespective of the time of their entry.