What to expect from Marcellus’ Consistent Compounders PMS?

Consistent Compounders PMS invests in deeply moated, high quality companies that are capable of compounding their free cash flows consistently at a very healthy rates. Such companies are institutions (rather than one man shows) which possess clean accounts and allocate capital to deepen their competitive advantages, add new revenue growth drivers with deep moats and radically disrupt their industry to enable sustenance of greatness in the long term future.

Investors in this portfolio should expect a strong absolute return with very low volatility in performance for time periods longer than 2-3 years, and thereby outperformance vs Nifty50 by a healthy margin. This is a concentrated portfolio of 12-15 companies with low churn and no attempt to time entry and exit points.

Who should invest in this PMS?

Investors with patient capital, seeking to compound their wealth with low risk and high return should invest in this PMS. The time horizon for investment should be as long as possible, with a minimum time horizon of 3 years.