What to expect from ITUS Capital’s Fundamental Value Fund PMS?

Itus runs a multi-cap fund with a focus on cash-flow growth in the public markets. The philosophy of Itus from an investment process is driven by 3 steps:

  1. Invest in businesses that generate cash flows
  2. Monitor the promoter and management’s ability to reinvest cash flows into the business (Return on Incremental Capital)
  3. Do not pay up to own these businesses

Our Investment Strategy at the firm is governed by the GPCG framework – we look for ‘G’- Growth at a reasonable price ‘P’, where we never sacrifice the ‘CG’ – Corporate governance. The CG is measured through quantitative metrics (from the Balance sheet) eg : CA Fees as a % of revenue growth, Shares pledged, Related party transactions, holding company / operating company structure and Qualitative metrics where we do a background check on the management and promoters along with their interaction with their eco-system and partners.


Who should invest in this PMS?

Every client who is constructing or looking to construct a Core portfolio, with a focus on cashflow growth, stability and long-term vision to build significant wealth with smaller drawdowns. The clients of ITUS include business owners, partners of VC & PE funds, CEO’s of publicly listed & private companies in India & a large single-family office out of the US. The average(median) invested capital from, a single client stands at INR 3 Cr today, which is one of the largest in the country for any PMS.