What to expect from SageOne Smallcap Portfolio PMS?

SSP is one of SageOne’s flagship strategy with an impeccable record of 40.2% CAGR returns since its inception in April, 2019.

  • The objective is to invest in high growth businesses with a potential to double earnings in 2-4 years and available at reasonable valuations.
  • Return ratios above 20% and debt-equity ratio under 0.5 are key attributes of SCP portfolio companies.
  • Aggressive growth plans led by high capex, product/geography expansion, and market share gains are the typical attributes of SSP companies.
  • The market-cap focus of SSP remains in the 400th to 1000th companies by market-cap rank.
  • Among the ~80 businesses bought so far in SageOne portfolios, more than 85% have delivered positive returns (and 65% have delivered returns above 25%).

Among all the accolades and recognitions, SSP has been recently ranked no. 1 PMS by PMS AIF World in their 2022 QRC ranking report.

Who should invest in this PMS?

Investors should have a long-term investment horizon (5+ years) with above-average risk-taking ability. While our portfolio management strategies significantly diversify stock-specific risks, clients are still exposed to the volatility of mid & small cap investing.