What to expect from Carnelian Capital Compounder Strategy PMS?

The Indian economy is poised to grow from USD 2.8tn to USD 5tn over next 5 years. India’s focus on becoming self-reliant in critical sectors, supply chain diversification by global players (China+1), India’s improved cost competitiveness and huge domestic demand are key catalysts for this big opportunity that lies ahead of us thereby propelling growth across sectors. Besides India is the only unique market offering a strong large domestic market along with huge export opportunity too.

Carnelian Capital Compounder Strategy is a long only, multi-cap, sector agnostic portfolio designed to capture the growth in the Indian economy and deliver superior returns across market cycles through our proprietary MCO framework, which offers a Unique & unconventional blend of companies Magic (accelerated growth), Compounder (stable growth) & Opportunistic. The portfolio represents a fair blend of defensive yet participative sectors like IT, Pharma, BFSI (blend of credit and non-credit) and Consumer durables.

Who should invest in Carnelian Capital Compounder Strategy PMS?

This strategy is suitable for all equity investors who believe in the India growth story over the next 3-5 years on the back of reasons highlighted above. This strategy, we believe will generate superior returns across market cycles with moderate risk – about 50% of the portfolio comprises of large caps, 30% mid-caps and 20% small caps.

Which is the best company through which an investor can invest in Capital Compounder Strategy PMS?

We recommend PMS AIF WORLD, because, it is one unique platform that offers real knowledge driven investing with their highly meaningful data, reports, and content that is written very well. PMS AIF World is a team of highly articulate, educated, and experienced people.