What to expect from Care Growth Plus Value Strategy PMS?

Care PMS Growth Plus Value Strategy is based on fundamental analysis and is more stock specific approach. We try to identify companies which can grow business and earning in excess of 15% over 4-5 years and are not fairly valued at the time of purchase in order to get appreciation in form of EPS growth as well as PE Expansion. As the investments are more into smallcaps, an investors should expect higher returns over longer period with high volatility in short period.

Who should invest in Care Growth Plus Value Strategy PMS?

An investor with longer investment horizon (5-7 years) and ready to see volatility (drawdown of 30-40%) in short period can invest in our strategy. Investors who are doing goal based investments for their long term goals like child education, retirement planning, dream home, etc. can always allocate fund for this strategy which can deliver super normal returns over longer period.