What to expect from ASK Indian Entrepreneur Portfolio (ASK IEP) PMS?

ASK Indian Entrepreneur Portfolio (ASK IEP) invests in entrepreneurially driven and/or family-owned businesses; listed on the Indian stock markets, for compounding gains over the medium to long term. ASK IEP is one of the largest PMS Investment Approach in the industry with a consistent track record of more than 11 years. Our core philosophy at ASK Investment Managers revolves around two key aspects: first achieve capital protection (over time) and then follow it with capital appreciation. This approach has helped ASK IEP to deliver superior alpha over its benchmark. Portfolio invests into ASK Indian entrepreneurs with adequate skin in the game who have demonstrated high standards of governance, vision, execution, wisdom, capital allocation and capital distribution skills. They run businesses that are amongst the highest long-term earnings growth.

Who should invest in ASK Indian Entrepreneur Portfolio (ASK IEP) PMS?

Our current clients include High Networth Individuals (HNIs), Ultra HNIs, Institutions, Pension Funds, Endowments, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Family offices, multi managers, etc. Clients who have an appetite to invest in Indian equities with a long-term investment horizon are ideally suited for investments in ASK IEP.