What to expect from Accuracap Pico Power PMS?

Accuracap Pico Power – Ranked as the country’s #1 Performing PMS over past 10 years across all categories in the SmartMoney Manager Award 2022 by PMS AIF World, Pico is a unique, best-of-class, long-only equity PMS in midcap/smallcap space. It is perhaps the only PMS in its category to have consistently beaten the Benchmark and most peer funds across cycles over a very long period. Pico Power is based on systematic model of investment that uses Fundamentals, Valuations and Technicals.

Accuracap deploys a unique ranking algorithm that conducts extensive “Spatio-temporal” analysis of every business in their investment universe, by comparing it against every other business over space and time. Going by its stellar, decade long track record, one should expect long term outperformance relative to Market Benchmark as well as peers.

Who should invest in Accuracap Pico Power PMS?

Investors who are looking to take exposure to mid-cap/small-cap with a view to enjoy superior long-term returns expected from high-quality, growth-oriented mid-cap and small-cap opportunities that continue to expand in India. These businesses tend to give larger returns than largecaps but also come with a little more volatility. So investors need to have a long term invest horizon of 3 years or higher and must have some appetite for volatility in the short-term.