Inception Date: 1 Jan 2018

Number of Stocks: 10-15

Fund Manager Name: Pankaj Murarka

Fund Manager Experience: Total Exp – 21 Years
Founded Renaissance in 2017

Fund Manager Qualification: Qualified Chartered Accountant with All India Merit

Fund Manager Accolades: Recognized by Outlook Money as a Leading Fund Manager with 5 years of track record of consistent performance in the year 2015 Best Fund Manager. Runner-Up for Axis Mid Cap Fund in 2014 by Outlook Money (from over 40 funds)

Investment Objective:
A concentrated portfolio that invests in companies across businesses which are at different stages of their business lifecycle capable of delivering sustainable, market-leading growth and are at a reasonable price

Investment Strategy:  

1) Mid Cap portfolio of high growth emerging businesses that are existing/potential leaders in their field of operations.

2) Benchmark agnostic concentrated portfolio of our top 15 – 25 ideas.

3) Investments are made with a 3 year plus Buy & Hold view.

4) Bottom-up stock picking resulting in a Unique & Differentiated Portfolio.