Portfolio Type: Well-diversified, relatively low-risk portfolio

Inception Date: 23 Nov 2009

Number of Stocks: 43

Fund Manager Name: Rajesh Kothari

Fund Manager Experience: Total Exp – 20 Years, Founded AAA in 2009

Fund Manager Qualification: CWA and an MBA

Fund Manager Accolades:
During his tenure as a Fund Manager at DSP Merrill Lynch Fund Managers (now DSP BlackRock Investment Managers), the equity assets under management flourished from USD 100mn to USD 1.5bn.

All through this period of five years, the equity schemes often ranked in its 1st Quartile Ranking by CRISIL, a Standard & Poors affiliate. During his tenure as Director of Voyager Investment Advisors, a USA based India dedicated fund, the fund outperformed the benchmark indices significantly. Not surprisingly, CNBC, CRISIL, MyIris, and others recognized his performance and awarded him for delivering unrivalled risk-adjusted returns.

Economic Times also recognized his performance and awarded him as a Platinum Fund Manager. Additionally, he won the CRISIL Mutual Fund of the Year Award in 2006 for DSP Merrill Lynch Equity Fund. During his tenure, the fund house also received the Lipper India Fund award for the Best Equity Fund Group for three years. Moreover, he has also been a keynote speaker at several international conferences/summits like Maharashtra Economic Summit, Institute of Directors, TradeTech Asia conference and The World Council for Corporate Governance.

Investment Objective: To invest in listed companies with a combination of high growth stocks as well as value stocks.

Investment Strategy:

Well Diversified Portfolio
1) Identify emerging trends and opportunities from a universe of 450 companies and filter using variety of valuation parameters.
2) Focus on earnings, free cash flow, ROE, long term growth and profitability trends for stock identification.

Analysis & Decision Making Process
1) Initial screening followed by a corporate meeting and detailed due diligence.
2) Identify a sustainable competitive advantage.

Portfolio Construction, Monitoring & Nurturing
1) Both Top Down and Bottom Up approach with a benchmark agnostic strategy to achieve long term investment objective.
2) Continuous portfolio monitoring ensures prudent risk management.
3) Regular interaction to provide strategic inputs to strengthen systems, controls, and CG in line with best practices.

Exiting & Realizing Value
1) Constant evaluation of valuation metrics to decide optimum return potential.
2) The intrinsic value V/s Current Market Price to evaluate Margin of Safety.
3) Change in underlying assumptions of the investment thesis.